Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Important News for Traders: ICICI launches plan with zero brokerage for derivative trades

ICICI Securities on Tuesday launched a scheme where customers trading in derivatives will not have to pay any brokerage for trades squared off in 5 minutes. 

The scheme, first of its kind in India, is available with life-time pre-paid brokerage plan offered by ICICI Direct, the brokerage firm said in a statement. 

The move will help the ICICI Securities’ retail customers to trade in a disciplined manner.

Customers can benefit with very small movements now. This scheme will also attract a wide segment of jobbers who do not have to pay any brokerage and can trade at the convenience of their homes.

An empirical research was conducted by ICICI Securities over 10 years across its 3.5 million customers to understand the emerging trading behaviour of traders. 

We have observed there is a trend emerging where customers are quickly entering and exiting trades in a disciplined manner. They are making their moves in small movements of their stocks, underlying contracts.

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